A Chance For Children

Because all children deserve a chance

Szilvia Gogh

Szilvia Gogh

Szilvia has been volunteering with A Chance for Children for over ten years. She teaches scuba diving every summer and does on-going beading with the children throughout the year.

She was the youngest female in the world becoming a PADI Course Director. She has been teaching scuba diving for beginners to dive instructors for over a decade.

She creates Ocean and Zen inspired jewelry and has her own company Gogh Jewelry Design

A Renaissance Women -- she has traveled the world and makes a living of her passions. She is a Photojournalist who captures above and underwater the most usual and unusual things in a documentary style. She works front of the camera as an adventure show host as well as a stunt woman in major movies and TV series. . Her life is about creativity and travel.