A Chance For Children

Because all children deserve a chance


61st Street Elementary School Library Tour

LAPD 77th DIvison is beginning a pilot program called Thursday Library Tours. Every Thursday one of the local elementary school classes is invited for a tour of the police station, learn about the library and have a book read to them by a police officer. They are allowed to take a book home for free. This was Mr. Vallasenor’s 2nd grade class from 61st Street Elementary School. Thanks to the amazing Captain and officers for makign this possible.

Note from Danny Ruano

Beach Time Shared

RYSE Award Breakfast

Award breakfast for youth who have been extraordinary serving their communities in their volunteer efforts!

Dinner with Danny Ruano & family

Dinner at El Cholo with college scholarship recipient Danny Ruano and his parents while he was home for Christmas holiday. Also joining was LAPD Officer Adam Moore.

    Our Mission

    A Chance for Children strives to empower at-risk youth by providing the opportunities to set goals and the tools to achieve them. We fight to instill the belief that no child is limited by their surroundings or upbringing. By encouraging dreams and consistently exposing them to new experiences outside the dangers and struggles of their daily lives each child will have a chance for a better future.

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