A Chance For Children

Because all children deserve a chance


A Chance for Children has been blessed with some very special angels along the way.  

Sid Tessler, Susan Twomey, Tina Grossman and Tessler & Company have donated CPA services since we began!

Andy Astrachan who has been a tremendous donor offering a full scholarship to one of our youth at the University of Arizona for both his undergraduate degree and his Masters

Sandi Rapke – our the amazing “Miss Sandi”  — dance teacher and ACFC supporter

Los Angeles Police Department

Chris & Pamela Gibbons and The Menasha Foundation

Davey Anawalt & Anawalt Lumber

Steve & Kim Rodriguez

Karin Taylor & The Weisberg Family Foundation

Szilvia Gogh

Chief Mike Frazer & the Los Angeles County Lifeguards

United States Coast Guards

California Edison

The Water Buffalo Club

John Knox

The Today Show – Al Roker, Michelle Fanuccci, Ian Wenger & Jackie Olensky

Julie Hauer who generously gave of her time and heart as a volunteer for fourteen years!

Lynne Weaver & the Weaver Family Trust

Birgit Muller  

Daniella Peters

Debi Tucker

Jeff Robinson

Eric Locko

Pepperdine University

Melissa Varo & Bungalow Productions

California State Assembly Member Mike Davis, 48th District

Dave Keffer  for our AMAZING website!


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    Our Mission

    A Chance for Children strives to empower at-risk youth by providing the opportunities to set goals and the tools to achieve them. We fight to instill the belief that no child is limited by their surroundings or upbringing. By encouraging dreams and consistently exposing them to new experiences outside the dangers and struggles of their daily lives each child will have a chance for a better future.