A Chance For Children

Because all children deserve a chance

Randy Dixon

Randy Dixon

My name is Charlene Dixon. I am the mother of three children that have all been helped by A Chance for Children and Tai Collins.

When I met Tai, my family lived in the Nickerson Gardens Project in Watts. Since then we moved three times. Tai has been there for my all three of my kids since they were young.

When my son, Randy, was 12, Tai realized he couldnnt read and write. She took him into her reading program and taught him every week for years. She made it fun for him by making a day out of it with a meal and a reward at the end like a movie or a trip to the beach or to play basketball. I watched him go from a second grade reading level to coming home telling me he now understood when he took his tests at school.

My son went from not reading in two years to making the honor roll at Washington High School and then transferred to Pali High School where he graduated with honors. All it took was someone who cared and took the time.

She also took my son to summer camp and all kinds of events and trips. If I could take the heart out of my chest I would give it to Tai Collins. She changed my sonns life.

She helped him get a job at the Santa Monica Pier while he started at Santa Monica College. College was not right for him, but at the pier he got to apprentice with the electrician there. He is now a electrician working full time at the Santa Monica Pier. He is saving money and bought his mom a car.

Miss Tai Collins and A Chance for Children have done more for me and my family than I could ever tell. She came into our life and never left and makes our life better. We know we can count on her and A Chance for Children to see kids through. Tai is our soul sister and the hero of my family. We love her with all our heart.

Charlene Dixon