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Patricia Peinado

Patricia Peinado

Patricia teaches traditional Flamenco dance and other dance with the children of A Chance for Children.

She was born in Guadalajara, Spain. At age 5 she began studying dance and flamenco. At age 17 she moved to Madrid to start an intensive study of flamenco dance techniques. The rest is history. She learnt from the best dance teachers of all time including Carmina Ocaña, Dagmara Brown, Carmen Roche, Aída Gomez, Ángel Rojas, Carlos Rodríguez, Cristóbal Reyes, Manuel Reyes, Carmela Greco, Paco Torres, Maria Magdalena, La Truco, Belén Maya, Domingo Ortega and Merche Esmeralda.

At age 19 Patricia won a highly coveted audition for the soloist option of the Spanish Ballet “Artepasión” placing first out of 325 candidates. She performed extensively during the first four years at Artepasión. She made a lasting imprint demonstrating her distinct style of dance at this avenue. Patricia’s dance was a fusion of Spanish Ballet and Flamenco and she revives the most important gems of Spanish Dance such as Zapateado De Sarasate, El Amor Brujo (Bewitched Love), Carmen and La Vida Breve (Brief Life).

In 2004 The Spanish Ballet Artepasión changed its name to Flamenco Ballet Artepasión. As in previous years, Patricia is now a soloist and choreographer dedicating herself completely to new flamenco works such as Pura Sangre,Ansiedad, Fuego en el Alma, Luz y Sombra and Al Compás with which sher tours the most important cities next to guest artist such as Israel Galvan, Belén Maya and Cristóbal Reyes.

At the next stage of her life Patricia dived into acting. It was a natural progression since dance involves emotions and performing in front of large audiences.