A Chance For Children

Because all children deserve a chance

States and Countries

States and Countries

A Chance for Children has touched the lives of youth from elementary school though college in all 50 states. We have sponsored numerous education tours on the environment, CPR, art, as well as educational material for schools.

While under the name Camp Baywatch, and while the television series was filmed in Hawaii, the foundation worked with many underprivileged schools on the island of Oahu.

We have also worked in many states with children from Indian reservations.

ACFC has brought children from all over the country to participate in summer camp and other events. Children have come from: Northern & Southern California, Hawaii, Arizona, South Dakota, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, Florida, Utah, Texas

We have also included children from other countries including:  New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Mexico,  & the UK